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REMI Releases Top 3 Video Marketing Tips
PRWeb Friday, May 24th 2013

The Real Estate Marketing Insider announces the publication of its Top 3 feature, this week offering real estate agents three tips for a successful real estate marketing video. The Top 3 feature was announced following a Point7West press release that introduced a strategic real estate video for the Toscana Country Club.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 24, 2013

The Real Estate Marketing Insider today announced its Top 3 feature, which offers real estate professionals a set of 3 tips or ideas to optimize their marketing potential. The Top 3 feature for this week listed three tips for real estate agents using video in their real estate marketing plan. This week’s Top 3 was prompted by a May 22 press release by Point7West – a video marketing company – that featured a real estate video launched recently by a California country club to increase sales of its properties.

Toscana Country Club, an Indian Wells, Calif., country club, has made waves recently by using a professionally produced video that advertises the lifestyle and luxury of their on-site properties for sale. The video lasts under three minutes, but gives viewers a comprehensive idea of life in a Toscana property. It details the spa, signature golf course, dining and wine options, and perks of the location’s surroundings. Toscana uses the video in their presentations and online, enabling buyers from all over the world to view it.

Many real estate agents rely on virtual tours and video for their marketing strategies, but sometimes the budgets of smaller firms don’t allow for professionally produced videos. However, thanks to iMovie and similar software, agents can easily create and publish their own videos. Here are REMI’s Top 3 tips for great real estate marketing videos:

1) Keep it Simple. Focus on the property and have as many shots of the real estate as possible. The agent can introduce the property on-screen, but ultimately the focus of the video should be on the real estate to be sold.

2) Use Narration, Not Onscreen Presence. Another way to keep focus on the property is to keep the agent off-screen, and use voice-over narration to inform the viewer about what they’re seeing onscreen.

3) Use Actors to Show Features in Action. Actors can show the viewer possible uses for a spacious kitchen, an open finished basement or other amenities. They can be a stand-in of sorts for the viewers, who can imagine themselves taking the place of the users onscreen.

The Real Estate Marketing Insider released its Top 3 feature, focusing this week on tips to help make video marketing as effective and memorable as possible. REMI advised its readers to use narration, focus on simple shots of property, and employ actors to illustrate the potential use of amenities.

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