Real Estate & Property Rentals Photography & Videography

Real Estate & Property Rentals Photography & Videography

Real Estate & Property Rentals Photography & Videography Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas, Nayarit, Mazatlan, Manzanillo, Costa Alegre, Mexico

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words and video says 50,000 words,” It is easier for people to digest a complex concept by watching a two-to-three-minute video versus trying to read an eight-page whitepaper.”

Today’s buyers are spending an increasing amount of time researching and looking for property on the internet. Marketing terms like “search engine optimization,” “web design” and “social media” can be overwhelming; we can help you cut through the web tape and achieve measurable results. You can put dynamic images, videos, animation and music on your site to better convey the essence of your properties.

100% longer average time-on-site per visitor
3-minute average time spent on pages with videos
1-minute 30-second average time spent on pages without videos
Over the last 18 months compared to the 18 months prior, the team achieved:
157% increase in search engine traffic
100% increase in unique visitors
63% increase in page views

With so many properties competing for buyers’ attention, you need the most effective marketing tools available.
Today’s buyers are spending an increasing amount of time researching their decisions on the internet, and in many cases potential buyers will have already selected their potential shortlist of properties prior to contacting a real estate agent.

In order to get on to a buyer’s shortlist, you need to appeal to their need for instant gratification. Buyers don’t want to waste valuable time attending open houses for properties that don’t meet their requirements, they want to be able to virtually inspect any property as and when it suits them. You want prospective buyers to have their own virtual inspection whenever they like – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Who can benefit from Real Estate Photography & Videography?
Real Estate Agents
Property Owners
Builders, Contractors
Landscape Designers
Interior Designers
Insurance Companies
Residential & Commercial Properties
Golf Courses
Development sites and many more

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, but in Real Estate business, it’s worth so much more. Without high quality product photography, none of your properties are ever going to sell. The prevalence of social media networks like Facebook and Twitter have changed the way people interact online and how Realtors can communicate with their customers.

Think of the thousands of people who are on the search, daily, for a new home, business or investment opportunity, either by looking at real estate agents display windows, flipping through brochures, or browsing online. How can you be assured of grabbing their attention from the hundreds of prospective properties they see? How can you get them interested enough to take the next step and make an inquiry?

It is a well-known fact that most people make an initial judgment based on appearances. It is much easier to look at images in a window, brochure or on the internet, than to thoroughly read the description! If you can catch people’s attention at the outset, with a clear, focused, correctly exposed image, then you are one step ahead of the competition already.

Your Video will be working for you 24-hour / 365 days

Once you have a video, how are you planning on getting people to watch it?! The art of promotion via social networks is a fast changing and complex then people think, taking far more time that most professionals have available. Or should I ask: can you afford not to?

Video can be used as a perfect tool to assist with both sales and marketing for your company or organization. Sales and marketing videos can help convey value proposition more effectively, create credibility and generate desire for a company’s products or services. A video will be working for you 24 hour / 365 days, selling to customers worldwide. It can be a powerful tool that will give your company the ability to present your products and services to potential customers, while demonstrating your facility’s operations and capabilities to the customer.

A professional sales video can leave a lasting impression and help close more sales. Marketing videos can act as a flexible sales tool to add to your marketing mix to increase customer knowledge, leads and sales.

Video Marketing is Transforming Website Engagement. It’s necessary to engage your audience and really get their attention. This means they’re actually listening to what you have to say. To do this, you have to stir some emotions, and get behind their wants and desires. The marketing process also includes engaging your audience’s senses, and giving them a lot of input. You offer a solution to help them meet their needs. With the power of faster Internet connection speeds means that now it can also be done with video. Video marketing is like text marketing on steroids and Google Loves Video.

Corporate Videos
Incentive Videos
Photo Videos
Tourism Videos
Hotel Videos
Funny Videos

Use your videos on social media, create a channel on you tube, there are hundreds of place on the web to publish your video free that will all pointing back to your website. If you want your company to expand, video will enable you to do so by increasing the amount of people visiting your website.

Videos capture the senses; provide a moving picture with spoken words and music. When these elements are blended in a pleasing way the audience is touched on an emotional level. More sales are generated by tapping into emotion than by supplying simple facts. People like to watch more than read. Most people are too busy to read an article for the information they want. A well-produced video is much more enjoyable and can be much easier to understand.

Videos provide solutions that are very affordable and provide a great return on dollars investment.

How can we help?

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