Puerto Vallarta Riviera Nayarit Destination Wedding Videography

Puerto Vallarta Riviera Nayarit Destination Wedding Videography

Puerto Vallarta Riviera Nayarit Destination Wedding Videography By PromovisionPV

Wedding videography does not get the respect that it should. I can relate to that very much. As there are 1,000 of wedding photographers, there are only 0.1% of videographers. Good ones are hard to find, they are part of a secondary photographer service, done by a young leaning communication student that is learning the video trade, It is hard to see a complete final production to evaluate the quality of the final product. It is considered as a low class market for the corporate and professional video productions companies, they will not get the budget they are getting with a corporate production and what more. Even if the wedding video production cost is much more extensive then the photography (equipment 2-3 time more then a photographer, 24-48 hours of editing time, music search, cost of DVD programming & transfer,…) and we get 25% of the photographer’s pay. Even if the wedding party will write to us with the highest praise for their wedding video and how many times they have been watching it with family and friends, it is hardly ever mentioned in their wedding blog site. Who talks about their wedding video? The emotional exchange of the vows? The tears doping? The funny Party action? The romantic Recap? Try to watch your photos and remember that?

Some Videography history factors

The early days of professional wedding videography was primitive at best. The equipment was generally of low technical quality. Cameras required bright lights, had fuzzy pictures, poor color saturation and mono audio recorded with cheap microphones that didn’t reproduce good audio quality. The cameras were bulky with the camera being a separate unit that connected to the video recorder via a cable. Many wedding videos weren’t edited in post production and those that were, were primitively edited at best, usually just removing the mistakes. If titles were added you were lucky if they were legible. Generation loss (the copying of a copy, and so forth) was also a major problem with analog video tape. Each time you recorded the video to a new tape, it caused errors to build up and picture and sound to degrade.

From its earliest days and through the 1980s Wedding Videography had a negative reputation of being an interference on the festivities. The bright lights required to produce a quality image were damaging to the mood many brides and grooms wanted to have. As the market expanded, it was flooded by many individuals who had little experience and technical knowledge, which left the consumer with fallen expectations. And the consumer technology that was available to the wedding videographer could not match up with broadcast quality at the time.
In the late 1980s and early 1990s the state of the industry began to shift for the better. Videographers began to get organized behind regional and national organizations, the largest and still active organization being Wedding & Event Video Association International. The manufacturers woke up to the fact that there was a market between the professional level and the consumer which became known as prosumer. With this realization the manufacturers began to listen to the wedding and event videographers and introduced products that specifically met the needs of this niche market.

Towards the mid 1990s, the manufacturers introduced the next evolution of cameras with digital cameras which removed the last of the technological barriers that had impeded wedding videography since its inception. The cameras were small, mobile, worked even better than the already good analog cameras on the market in low light situations and allowed the videographer to be discreet and not an intrusion on the events. These prosumer digital cameras have also been adopted by broadcasters and Hollywood. Many television shows and several movies have been made by the likes of Spike Lee, using these cameras. (Sony VX1000, Canon XL1, among others.)
Post production took a major leap forward with the introduction of advanced tools like the non-linear editing computers in the late 1990’s. The next revolution in post production was the introduction of the burnable DVD in the ’90s which removed most of the problems caused by copying multiple generations of the same video image. Videos were now able to be recorded digitally, edited digitally and delivered digitally. The resulting product when properly done could look as good as the most expensive Hollywood productions.

The 1990s ended Wedding Videography had exploded beyond being just the documentation of weddings. The majority of Wedding Videographers prefer to add the additional term of Event to their description of services, so it is now Wedding and Event Videography. New offerings like Love Stories, Photo Montages, music videos, family biographies and such appeared. Anniversaries, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, graduations, etc were also being documented in large numbers on video. The skill levels of the industry had progressed, post production took on the skill and quality of Hollywood movies and television shows. The consumer began to have options as to what they wanted in a video, as post production techniques evolved the long form videos which could run 2 to 3 even 4 hours in length.

Wedding Videography during the first ten years of the twenty first century came to a close wedding videography evolved to reflect the same quality that was previously only seen in commercial productions. Tools once limited to the major production houses began to appear in the wedding video industry; Steadicam units, Matrox, FinalCut, Avid, generated graphics and After Affects compositing and animation. In late 2004 the introduction of the Sony HDV Hi-Definition format altered the types of cameras many videographers are using to record video.

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