Opportunities does video offer brands

What opportunities does UGC video offer brands?

Adrian Moxley Friday 4 Oct 2013

Adrian Moxley explains how the boom in online video content is creating opportunities for advertisers.

Recently, consulting group Accenture reported that 90% of global consumers regularly view video content over the internet. A large percentage of this visual content is actually user-generated, as people worldwide have the ability to self-publish to sites like YouTube, Vevo and Blinx. This rise in online video opens-up an exciting opportunity for brands; not just to deliver their own engaging visual content to consumers, but to also place the most relevant advertisements alongside the content users themselves are uploading.

However, research has shown that the majority of marketers haven’t yet cracked video advertising. While pre-roll video advertising or static display advertising are both widely utilised, they are often not tailored effectively to the content being viewed. Looking at the effectiveness of online advertising, our consumer survey found that the majority of people (70%) say that they either ignore pre-roll video ads by skipping them (45%) or worse, are actively bothered by them (25%). If we are to spare viewers from irrelevant ads and reduce wastage for advertisers, then effective ad placement needs to be a priority for brands.

When it’s so easy to skip through and ignore, or click through on ads, capturing the attention of the modern consumer is no simple task. However, in the same survey, one in five consumers also stated that they do not mind ads in or alongside online video content, so long as they are relevant. Furthermore, 30% of consumers surveyed said they are willing to engage with online advertising if it introduces them to a new and interesting product or service. Hence, with a targeted approach, advertisers have the potential to engage and win over vast new audiences.

As visual content, particularly video, becomes more popular, brands need to be innovative in how they reach audiences. Reaching users through relevant ad placements against user-generated visual content is a way in which brands can increase their chances of reaching their intended audiences. Getting the correct ad alongside relevant visual content is essential.

Where as the premium content delivered by a broadcaster or media company is relatively easy to advertise against due to it being pre-classified, user-generated content, on the other hand, can pose a challenge to marketers looking to effectively tailor their ads to the right audiences. This is because user-generated content is generally either un-tagged or lacking identifiable keyword labels. Unless publishers can correctly classify visual content, they will find their ability to deliver tailored advertising significantly reduced.

This is where visual classification tools like can help. With sophisticated visual recognition technologies, publishers can now identify and classify content automatically to ensure that consumers are being shown relevant ads. Therefore, rather than relying on keywords which may be missing, this technology performs a visual analysis of the content which enables brands to deliver personalised ads to customers whilst also ensuring the content is verified and brand safe.

While keywords may indicate that a consumer has viewed a video about ‘travel’, for example, visual classification technology can go a step further and identify additional elements of this video content. By recognising that this video contains a sandy beach, blue skies, a boat and palm trees, the technology enables advertisers build a clearer picture of the consumer’s interests and that the video is not just ‘travel’ but to be more precise a summer holiday travel experience and that the video content would be relevant not just to a tour operator and flight business but also opens up beach wear and accessory advertisers. Discovering and processing such granular details can enable brands to place ads far more expertly against all types of video content, even that which is user-generated. The more accurate the visual content analysis and classification, the more opportunities the advertiser has to deliver personalised messages.

Given the amount of visual content uploaded to the web every day, publishers must look in to ways in which to automate their content classification so that advertisers can take advantage of advertising alongside safe and relevant user-generated content. Those publishers and advertisers that innovate make the most of visual classification technologies will achieve more sophisticated buy and sell side automated targeting and tracking. In the crowded online advertising landscape, personalised ads give brands an opportunity to resonate more deeply with audiences; if your ad isn’t relevant, they’re not listening.

Adrian Moxley is co-founder of WeSEE. http://www.wesee.com http://www.mycustomer.com/feature/marketing/what-opportunities-does-ugc-video-offer-brands/165700

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