Online Product Videos Boost Purchase Likelihood

Viewers Say Online Product Videos Boost Purchase Likelihood

by MarketingCharts staff

Online product and service videos positively affect brand image and drive purchase decisions, say respondents to a survey from Animoto. The survey was fielded among more than 1,000 US adults who had watched online video on their computers, tablets or mobile phones at least once during the past 6 months. Almost three-quarters reported being more likely to make a purchase after viewing an online video that explains the product or service.

The results also suggest that online videos can bolster viewers’ perceptions of brand:

77% said they view companies that create online video as being more engaged with customers (77%);
71% said that videos leave a positive impression of a company; and
58% consider companies that produce online video to be more trustworthy.

That all translates to an almost unanimous sentiment among respondents that videos are helpful when making purchase decisions online.

The results bring to mind other similar pieces of research demonstrating the influence of online video. Recently, a Walker Sands study found 1 in 2 consumers claiming that YouTube videos had influenced a purchase decision. In results from an earlier study by Invodo, 57% of online shoppers agreed that they are more confident when they watch a product video in advance of making a purchase online, and therefore less likely to return the product.

In this latest research, Animoto notes that 42% of respondents want to see more product description videos online. Desire to see more video content is particularly prevalent when it comes to electronics.

Respondents reported being most apt to share humorous, heartwarming and educational video content. Who might do that sharing? In the US, it’s perhaps more likely to be women than men, per data from Ipsos released last year. That study indicated that 11% of online Americans had forwarded a link to a brand or product’s video to someone during the prior month, with women (13%) appearing more likely than men (9%) to have done so. Certain groups proved more likely than others to have shared a video: 35-49-year-olds (14%), those with high levels of educational attainment (15%); business owners (21%); and senior executives and decision-makers (24%).

About the Data: The Animoto survey was conducted from December 26-30, 2013 among 1,104 adults in the US. All respondents have watched a video on their computers, tablets or mobile phones at least once in the past 6 months.

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