New Malecon Puerto Vallarta

New Malecon Puerto Vallarta by Video Production

New Malecon Puerto Vallarta

Whether in the morning, afternoon or evening, a stroll along the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta (Jalisco, Mexico) is a great activity that must be repeated as often as possible, especially now that they have renovated the Malecon so well.

If you go early, you can see the sunrise while sitting on the sand or on benches found along the walkway. The aroma of fresh coffee brewing, the sound of the waves, flying birds and a few others up early exercising are what you will find at this time of day.

In the afternoon and evening, the Malecon is a meeting place for families, friends, locals and visitors and it’s an atmosphere of energy, music, food and more.
If you do this walk when the sun is warm, you may want to have a glass of cold water, but I encourage you to try the tejuino, a very refreshing drink made from fermented corn, from a vendor on the Malecon. Or try one of my favorites, a coconut from which you drink the water and then season the flesh with lemon, salt and chili for a great snack. If you’re feeling hungry, vendors travel up and down the Malecon with skewers of delicious fresh and local grilled fish and shrimp… mmmm!

There are two artists on the Malecon that will “blow you away”, one has amazing sand sculptures and the other uses the stones and …well, it is better to just go see them!
As evening falls, and you’ve worked up and appetite, try some corn which is available in many ways, the most popular with cream and cheese, or my favorite which is grilled with lemon, salt and pepper. There are a variety of a salty snacks and sweet treats available on the Malecon. And if you meet the tuba vendor be sure to buy a cup of this drink made from coconut, apple, chopped walnuts, and pineapple juice … very delicious!
But technology is also present on the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta and since November 2011 the Malecon has had free wifi service for a 1 kilometer section.

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