Marketing Tips for Hospitals and Medical Offices

4 Video Marketing Tips for Hospitals and Medical Offices

By Troy Dreier September 18, 2013

With companies of all types jumping into online video to attract and inform customers, it stands to reason that hospitals and medical offices can benefit from those same methods. After all, people already turn to the web when they need medical advice. Putting out educational videos is a great way to provide answers and demonstrate expertise.

To help medical professionals get started in online video, Nucleus Medical Media, a company that creates medical illustrations and animations, created these four tips. Use them to create your own medical marketing masterpieces.

1. Create Informative Videos, Not Commercials

Create a few quick videos demonstrating your hospital’s facilities and experts, then post them on YouTube. The only problem is no one will watch them. What you need to do is provide information. The Journal of Communication in
Healthcare published a study this year that looked at the YouTube channels of 600 hospitals, finding that informative videos were far more popular than promotional videos. The study’s author suggested that hospitals attract viewers by altruistically creating videos that answer viewers’ questions.

2. Cross-Promote for Better Search Results

One video on YouTube isn’t going to make a splash, so synchronize your efforts across social media sites. Link to your video from the hospital’s Facebook page, tweet it from the Twitter account, and post it to LinkedIn. Write a press release for even more views (just be sure to include a link).

3. Use the Right Keywords

To gain search engine hits, you need to do more than just give your video a solid title. Fill the video’s title, description, and tags with key terms, including the hospital location, medical specialty, tests, and treatments. Skip the medical jargon and use terms that a patient would use.

4. Use Animations in Your Videos

Yes, this list was put together by a company that creates medial animations, but it’s still good advice. A 3D model of a heart is going to pull in more viewers than just a talking head would.

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