Marketing a Small Business Using Video

5 Tips for Marketing a Small Business Using Video

November 12, 2013 by Joe Forte

It is not enough to simply have a good product anymore. Nowadays, marketing is the difference between a successful business and one that goes under. It provides you with a crucial opportunity to make a strong first impression and to set the stage of success in your company. Marketing allows you to identify and target your audience and market and bring their attention to your company and products.

In recent years, video marketing has exploded exponentially as it grabs a viewer’s attention but doesn’t let them drift away like other marketing mediums that require you to read rather than just watch. Just because it works for some though, is it going to work for you too? Here are five tips for marketing while using video to help your small business:

1. Going Beyond the Brand

One of the most overlooked, yet most effective ways to go beyond simple video marketing is to give the consumer something of value. Many businesses will usually decide that simply marketing their product or service will be enough. However, in a consumer market that feeds off of excitement and entertainment, being unique and standing out are the only ways for a business to survive.

Companies should look to providing a video or a series of videos that include their branding, but are also something the consumer is generally interested in. For example, a company promoting their graphic design services may want to make an educational video on color theory and design elements. Not only will a consumer be interested in the content, but also they will look to the business as being a credible source.

2. Building credibility

As mentioned above, building credibility within an audience is crucial to the success of a small business. When trying to compete against big name brands and established companies, credibility is something that can be difficult to obtain. Using online video tactics such as the one illustrated above are great ways to indulge the consumer’s interests and bring them closer to the brand. Another way to build credibility through video marketing is to demonstrate the effectiveness of a product or service. Though this should be done sparingly and in an interesting way, physically demonstrating the product or service is the best way to build trust from a consumer. After all, seeing is believing.

Only a decade ago, websites for companies was a rare luxury, but in todays globalized, digital world it has become more of a necessity. People no longer turn to newspapers to find products and services they need, they now turn to Google and other internet search engines that brings them exactly where they want to be. Having a website with online videos in a great starting platform for any video marketing plan and as time goes on and your website uses more and more online videos to gain credibility for your product or service, you also gain something even greater; exposure.

3. Attract buyers and generate leads

In today’s market, attracting new buyers and consumers to a product can be challenging. While it is important to build credibility and demonstrate the effectiveness of the product (as discussed above), it is even more important to produce a video that is likely to pull in the audience and cause them to share it among their own networks. A video that is both compelling and entertaining is more likely to be spread than a boring video simply explaining the product.

It is also important that these videos are kept relatively short and sweet in order to maximize the potential for it to go viral. With video marketing though, you can take these short videos and make a series of them to target any and all markets and audiences you’re trying to obtain. When you put online videos on your website, you let your products and services speak for themselves, giving viewers a firsthand perspective on what it is you’re trying to provide for them.

4. Using storytelling

Storytelling is one of the best ways to use video marketing for a business. Evoking emotions and feelings in a consumer will make them associate the product with those feelings. For example, a business marketing a line of cookware may want to illustrate a cozy home cooked meal shared with family and/or friends. Using these tactics will help to evoke powerful imagery and make the consumer more interested in what the product could do for them.

People want to be moved to by a product or service, they want to immediately feel that whatever they are being shown is going to be of benefit to them and storytelling allows them to picture themselves with the product, putting the thought and idea of buying that product or service for themselves.

5. Using humor

In a technical age, humor can be a powerful tool. When trying to make a video go viral or when trying to draw in more customers, humor can be the most powerful tool when used correctly. With the abundance of information available online, businesses should consider using humor to evoke curiosity among a demographic. A commercial that is humorous and entertaining but has little to do with the product may be a risky, but effective way to draw curious consumers who will want to search for more information about this product or brand.

Using video marketing is a great idea for a budding business. Using these five tips will ensure that a video produced by one’s business will take off and generate an increased number of sales and loyal customers.

*This is a guest article by Joe Forte*

Joe Forte Co-owner/Producer at D-Mak Productions Joe Forte is co-owner and producer at D-Mak Productions, a Phoenix video production company. D-Mak Productions specializes in full service video production from script to screen

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