Marketers Are Creating Online Video

On-Location? Animation? How Marketers Are Creating Online Video

By Troy Dreier ⋅ November 9, 2013

The Web Video Marketing Council recently released its third annual report on online video marketing trends, and this is’s second look the report’s surprising conclusions.

The survey of 600 marketing professionals found that on-location shooting was the most popular way to create online marketing videos, but several other options were nearly as popular. It found that 73 percent of respondents created on-location videos, 68 percent shot testimonial videos, 58 percent made moving image videos, 56 percent created animated videos, and 48 percent released spokesperson videos. Going on-location is a smart strategy, since it lets marketers get more benefits from live events, such as conferences and store openings. On-location videos are simple to create, and, if done well, they convey the excitement of the event.

So how many videos are marketers creating? The survey found that most marketers — 32 percent — say between 1 and 10 for the current year. Next, 20 percent create 11 to 20 videos, while 21 percent create 12 to 50 videos, 12 percent create 50 to 100 videos, and 13 percent will turn out over 101 videos in 2013. Marketers creating only a few videos per year are in good company, but there are plenty of marketers that have shifted their video-creation efforts into high gear.

Where are those videos going? Most respondents are using them on the company website (84 percent), while 65 percent put them on YouTube, 62 percent use them for social networking, 60 percent use them in email campaigns, 51 percent use videos to explain new products or services, and 49 percent use them for lead generation. Smaller percentages use videos for video landing pages, online ads, search marketing, employee training, and meetings. Compared to the previous year, many more marketers are adding video to the company website (84 percent compared to 67 percent).

For more survey results, download the entire report (registration required).

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