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Hotel Video Marketing, Expert Interviews Series

A selection of world’s top Hotel Video Marketing experts are featured below. If you’re looking to better understand video for hotels, you’ve arrived at the right place…
In-depth interviews with leading hospitality marketing experts discussing modern video marketing strategies for hotels and tourism-related businesses are all here. The background experiences of each are unique, ranging from Hotel General Managers to software engineers and of course, professional video producers. Enjoy the diverse range of knowledge shared here..

Stellar Hotel Experiences with Mobile & Video

CEO Marcus Robinson, Monscierge

Snippet from the Stellar Hotel Experiences with Mobile & Video Interview:

” … We’re so often zoned out now to the traditional 60 second spots and emails trying to capture our attention. We tune back in when something appeals to our emotions, something that we personally can attest to.

With good hotel video, audiences can relate to the traveler checking into their hotel with that blissful mood… ”

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Hospitality Video Marketing Solutions

CEO Jurgen Biefang,

Snippet from the Hospitality Video Marketing Solutions Interview:

” … Consumers want to be moved, full stop. No technicalities.

We marketing earthlings are busily optimizing the technical infrastructure, but consumers want the experience. Whatever it is, mobile-ready, HD video, social media, completeness and timeliness of factual data – it’s yesterday’s achievements and today’s basic prerequisites… ”

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Mobile, Social & Web Hotel Marketing

Brian Saab, CMO, Buuteeq

Crucial Ideas for Effective Hotel Marketing
Daniel Craig, Social Marketing Manager, ReKnown

Hospitality Video Marketing & Mobile

Brian Fitzgerald, VP Digital Strategy, O’Rourke Hospitality

Hotel Video Gallery Website

Dimitri Sionis, Founder, Hotel Video Gallery

World Hotel Promotion & Online Marketing

Martin Soler, VP Marketing, World Independent Hotels Promotion

Hotel Media Marketing and Video

John Mcauliffe, President, VFM Leonardo

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