Hotel In-House Marketing

hotel video marketing

Hotel In-House Marketing

Promovision will have your Hotel informational video loop displayed in style.
We have produced several Hotel in-house to display all the hotel information like:

Safety information
Restaurants menu and schedule
Local weather
Pool activities
Services phone extension
Local tourism information
Ecologic information & education
Bus and taxi fares
Check-out time
Promote Hotels from the same chain
Advertising from internal shops & other services
Advertising from travel agencies & external activities

The experienced technicians at Promovision will also install a modulator to your cable video distribution that loop
your video all day. Custom designed and installed to fit your hotel’s needs, makes your information appear as if it
were part of the building’s design.

Get advice from trained professionals, the experienced team of technicians at Promovision have done everything
in the in-house field.

This production may also be offered to you for FREE! Call us or send us an e-mail for more information.

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