High Definition Real Estate Video and Photography

High Definition Real Estate Video and Photography

Our high definition real estate videos are the next best thing to reality. Full Realtor branding, a genuine “just like being there”.

The Benefits of using Real Estate Video

With the popularity of social media and video distribution sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, over 90% of home buyers begin their search on the internet. Not to mention the fact that most households include numerous computers, plus a growing percentage of SmartPhones – essentially a pocket computer with phone calling capabilities!

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And let’s state the obvious: People would rather watch a video than a collection of static photos or slog through pages and pages of text. More people watch the movie than read the book! That’s just the way it is today!

Video is more realistic, more appealing, and can evoke emotion – something still photos and text cannot do. And emotion is why people buy real estate.

Real estate video tours help save you time, save you money, sell more real estate and achieve more top rankings on search engines such as Google.

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