Get Leads with Video Marketing

Get Looks and Leads with Video Marketing

by: Todd McCormick (@TMcCormick2011) 29 October 2013

Video might have killed the radio star, but it can breathe new life into your business.

Already an essential component of any robust marketing strategy, video campaigns offer much more when supported by a marketing automation platform. If you effectively incorporate video into your marketing strategy, it can yield powerful returns by providing you with the ability to know your customer across platforms and gather critical data to deliver what your customer wants. For marketers, that knowledge is power, and it comes in the form of high-quality leads.

In fact, a video-empowered strategy is so effective that 73 percent of B2B marketers now use it in some capacity, according to Content Marketing Institute (CMI).

Video delivers expressly because it’s many people’s preferred learning method. Case in point: While most of us visit YouTube to watch music videos, clips of legendary Alabama football plays, and other entertaining content, we also go there to learn. This summer, YouTube viewers spent more than 142 million hours watching educational content. That’s twice the number reported last summer.

If your website and email campaigns only include written content, you’re missing the opportunity to engage prospects and customers who would rather watch a three-minute video than download and read a seven-page white paper – or do both.

Video also puts a face on your business. In her new book Pick Up the Damn Phone!: How People, Not Technology, Seal the Deal, referral-selling guru Joanne Black writes about the first time she heard me speak. I was presenting at a sales conference on the business case for video. That was years ago, but Joanne still remembers what I said about the importance of seeing “the whites” of a person’s eyes, hearing that person speak, and making a human connection.

Of course, video can’t replace the power of face-to-face interactions, but it’s definitely the next best thing. In our high-tech age, that personal touch is more valuable than ever for three reasons:

1) The Universal Gets Personal

When you have a robust marketing automation platform that captures and stores all your data in one place, video provides one more way to know your customer personally. With the right system configuration, data on online buyer engagements with your videos flows back to that individual’s behavioral profile in your master database, augmenting all the information you have about that person from emails, your company website, social media, blogs and other channels. It’s one more relevant source of data that positions you to deliver highly relevant communications that build trust with buyers.

2) The Big Picture Gets Smaller

Web tracking can help you can learn which videos are most effective. It’s your window into what interests your customers. Web tracking is different from Web analytics, which provides aggregate after-the-fact data, such as how people got to your website, which videos received the most hits, and how long the average person spent watching each clip. In contrast, Web tracking provides real-time data about what individuals do on your site. Now, you don’t just know your customers as a massive audience; you know each and every one of them singularly. With this information, you can schedule automated, rules-based campaigns and triggered messages based on how customers and prospects interact with your videos.

3) The Looks Get Leads – and Help Convert Them

In the CMI study I mentioned above, 80 percent of the most effective B2B content marketers cited lead generation as a goal, compared to 64 percent of their less effective peers. By flowing this rich video-viewing data into your CRM, you can give salespeople a more detailed picture of prospects, including who’s most likely to convert and which products/services they’d most likely be interested in purchasing. Provide your salespeople with this information, and you’ll empower them to have much richer conversations with your future customers.

Watch our “Silverpop Web Tracking” video for more on how the right marketing automation software can help you achieve the holy grail of marketing — delivering exactly what each customer wants, at the right time and on the right platform.

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