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Engaging Early with Video Stories

by Bob Leonard

Forrester reports that solution providers who engage prospective buyers earlier, helping them “turn a vision into a clear path to value,” win a game changing 74% of the deals! Empowered buyers of business goods and services are leveraging the Internet, social media and peer groups to research potential solutions. They’ll meet with salespeople only when they’re ready to talk terms and pricing. Your Sales team members are being invited later and later into the decision making process, and at the same time, the stakes for engaging earlier have never been higher.

What are you doing to help your Sales team engage earlier and establish the path from vision to value? Nothing beats a good story told in a way that engages peoples’ senses, emotions and logic. By telling (or more accurately ‘showing’) your story via video, you’re much more likely to get your target audience to consume it, and to take action.

Clarify the Rain, Quantify the Pain, and Justify the Gain

Clarify the Rain: In other words, help them identify and diagnose business issues addressed by your solution, but do it in a creative, involving way. Good stories are about living beings, not statistics or situations. If you’re telling a story to illustrate your point, start with one person at the center of it. Make your prospect your hero. They’ll pay attention to that! You have to awake the heart before you can engage the mind.

Quantify the Pain: Now it’s time to go to the numbers. Calculate the cost of doing nothing… the resulting loss of productivity gains and revenue opportunities. A well-produced video story shows the viewer a new perspective, conveys a sense of urgency, propels them to do something about improving their situation, and describes the path to making things better (the clear path to the value of your solution).

Justify the Gain: Complete your story by painting a picture of the benefit-laden future that will be enjoyed after deploying your solution. Keep it simple. You want to leave people with a vivid snapshot, not a catalog of details. More information doesn’t make you more convincing.

So, if stories told in a video format are the best way to communicate a clear path to value, why don’t I put my money where my mouth is? Funny you should ask. Meet the good people at BankVault Software:

http://www.acsellerant.com/business-story-marketing/get-early-video-stories/ http://www.acsellerant.com/author/boleneditor/

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