Puerto Vallarta Riviera Nayarit Destination Wedding Do and Dont

Destination wedding Do’s and Dont’s
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For months, the couple planned their destination getaway like a tactical assault. Thanks to their research and hustle, the whole experience was big fun for all [except for the puppy that lost the fight].

But what about those distant weddings that go horribly pear-shaped? Whether you’re getting hitched in Canada or in the Virgin Islands, here are some Dos and Don’ts on how to stage an enjoyable destination wedding:


-Be specific to your guests about how much their room, flights, and travel connections will cost, what their options are, and how and when they should pay.

-Plan it together. You’re a team. Just be sure to turn your planning into a fun series of dates over drinks, dinners, camping, or bowling — whatever turns it from a chore to a joy.

-Consult a wedding planning/scheduling website like The Knot. It’ll help you discard the stuff you don’t care about, so you can create a personalized To Do list that matters.

-Know the lay of the land. Getting married on a beach? You’ll sink in it like quicksand if you try to wear your prized 5″ stilettos.

-Book hotel blocks with discounts. Yes, we know, it’s a $$-burning year — and as a bride & groom you’re getting used to aiming a money hose at everything. But not everyone is swimming around in a vault of money.

-Make a simple wedding website. It’ll save you a ton of hassles, questions, and panicky emails. The site should include clear directions and a list of activities including a social on the first night so guests can get acquainted and/or pick out their ‘boating partners’.

-Remind people to bring credit cards, smiles, sunscreen, special clothing, and their up-to-date passports. If you’re getting married in a country that requires a special visa or inoculation shots, let your guests know months in advance.

-Discourage neckties. The only people who should wear ties at resorts are the concierge or the security guards, and even then, those ties should be clip-ons in case a guest gets surly and grabby [I admit nothing]

-List every meal & menu that will be included for guests. For those meals that aren’t included, give options for local restaurant/grocery stores.

-Consider buying destination wedding insurance in case, say, your guests break a foghorn when they’re climbing atop a boat to have a tipsy moonlight makeout.

-Get a DJ. They can read the crowd better (and are more reliable) than mixed CDs or iPods that may not work on every sound system.


-Check the rings with your luggage. Hold those babies close to your loving chest.

-Expect everyone to come to your wedding at the top of a volcano in East Java. Some of your best friends won’t have the time or resources to afford. Be understanding if they can’t make it and, instead, plan a separate get-together that you both will enjoy.

-Tell resorts you’re having a wedding, if you can avoid it. Instead, say it’s a family reunion. The second you mention ‘wedding’, they’ll try to sell you an exorbitantly-priced wedding package. Even if you turn that down, the price will soar through the roof.

-Have an open mic for speeches if you don’t want your drunk idiot friends to spill the beans to your whole family about that time you were arrested/in a cult [Trust me, I once was that drunk idiot friend].

-Invite anyone who doesn’t care about you.

If you’ve been to (or been the co-star of) a destination wedding, what tips can you pass on?

Destination Weddings Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit
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