Destination Tourism Photography and Video. Do not sell the product. Sell the DREAM

Destination Tourism Photography and Video. Do not sell the product. Sell the DREAM

Sell the benefit behind every new product or feature and be very clear about it. Steve Jobs was selling dreams and emotional benefits, not products. … He transformed product launches into an art form.

The only way to “Sell Dreams, NOT Products”, is to have a product that can “Create Insanely Great Experiences”. It means to have a great VALUE PROPOSITION. A product is only great when the consumer believes that it’s great and the best way to find out is if they buy it.

Photography is everywhere. The rise of mobile devices, we are used to carry powerful cameras literally in our pockets, at any time, anywhere – and so we take pictures. It’s hard to recall the time when taking a photo was limited to special occasions, because equipment, films and development were so expensive. Now, we take pictures of ordinary things, funny things, of shopping lists, clouds, everyday occurrences.

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. This should impact the content marketing strategy of any business, but especially those in the tourism industry.

Your customers want to visualize the experience of your tours and activities. How will it make them feel? What photos will they have to share with friends and family afterwards?

Travelers also need to feel sufficiently inspired to book a trip. What is it about your business that inspires your target customers to choose you instead of competitors?

To stand out in the tourism industry, place visuals centre-stage in your marketing. Photography can make our break your goal.

Think about the visual content that will best sell your destination. Perhaps it will be local heritage sites or cultural landmarks that customers see on your tours.

Images should be part of your wider storytelling strategy

Listen to your customers and what they care about. Can you integrate this with your content strategy? You might share insider photos.

Strive to be useful to your customers and they’ll remember you. Can you create a downloadable guide on must-see sights in your destination.

Show the human side of your business and build trust. Do you share photos of your team on your website and social media channels? Give people the chance to find out a little about you and your story and they may be more likely to book your tours.

Arresting imagery will motivate customers to purchase, and when you’re selling an experience such as travel, captivating your audience is an indispensable part of the process.

Professional photography used across all your digital channels and printed assets is the best way to convey the essence of your accommodation, attraction or activity. It also ensures you have dazzling, high-resolution images for use in all your collateral, press, and for agents to sell your experience.

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In today’s visual world, impressive imagery will set you apart from the noise that proliferates today’s social media, press, collateral and online channels.

When it comes to trips and holidays, almost 50% of travellers use online video in some shape or form before they decide where to go on holiday.

Video Production Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit

We are professional photographers and videographers to produce the very best results; Investing in a full portfolio of images or a hero video will enable you to showcase your business’ best angles, command attention, and inspire.

Video Marketing is the best way to show emotions and advance the experience that tourists will have.

Today we turn on our device and as soon as we write the name of our destination we have hundreds of photographs, pages of travel guides and experiences of travelers we never met.

The Internet impact and social networking is changing the way of communication in all sectors. Is becoming more and more important being part of these new channels of communication.

Tourism sells emotions, experiences, passion, adventure… So video marketing is the best way to show these emotions and advance the experience that tourists will have. Thanks to the audiovisual content we communicate experiences, feelings and emotion. This environment offers endless options to attract and differentiate. It is essential when it comes to generate engagement with customers, sharing product information and proposing a scenario in terms of the previous generation of expectations. Ultimately, it is the art of telling a story, creating a magical atmosphere and emotionally connect with your customers.

We provide media solutions for tourism organisations, operators and related businesses looking to harness the power of video, photography and aerial drone imagery. If you need sharp, effective marketing of your region or business, we can help.

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Tourism Marketing Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit

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