Creating Marketing Hotel Video Stories

Creating Marketing Hotel Video Stories Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit.

Creating a Stories with Still Photography and Video. Emotion is the key element in what makes us feel a connection has been established with others, even if they are strangers over the internet.

Make your prospect destination travelers look like regular people to whom others can relate.

Consumers do not just want unrelated images to scroll through or a generic video presentation of a hotel and city. If you find your friends images boring, imagine what consumers experience when viewing similar visual presentations that fail to establish any sense of connection.

Provide a presentation that consumers will enjoy enough to share, and entice them to return to see updated versions, you have to create a story that links the images in a meaningful way to elicit emotion.

You should also show that your professionals staff are highly skilled at providing great service.

The Importance of Empathy Over Amenities

You need to know the most common reasons guests choose to stay at your establishment. Why would visitors stay at your hotel? Is it for business or pleasure? Is relaxing vacation?

Focus on those aspects that create the experience the consumer is looking for. Business travelers also need to know that if they’ve forgotten something or must address something brought up in a meeting there is business services available at the hotel. Also provide a visual tour of places where they can obtain more advanced resources if needed.

You have the beginning material to create a story using pictures and video to tell the story of the business traveler’s experience. It begins with the business visitor being warmly welcomed at the check-in desk, then enjoying the company of others in the hospitality room, followed by photos or footage of them interacting with their family through teleconferencing, and finally performing work related tasks with ease in the business center.

You will also want to add the guest appreciating the amenities in the room and potentially enjoying a break at a nearby attraction with a few others.

Those looking for pleasure and excitement during a planned vacation, focus on the pleasurable amenities in the hotel. People relaxing around the pool, using the exercise room , enjoying a drink with others at the bar, and special features for children such as playgrounds and kiddie pools. Show all the fun, exhilarating attractions and features nearby, including those that are family friendly.

For couples who may be visiting, show the romantic side of your hotel, nearby intimate restaurants and nightlife that caters to couples how they will be pampered at your hotel with resort style service and amenities.

Caption that communicates your facility provides whatever is necessary to meet the expectations of each visitor. Tell a story that will establish an emotional connection with your guests to provide for every need.

Focus for a visual social media campaign is to tell a story that will engage a variety of viewers and to let real people, hotel staff and actual guests create and tell the stories.

While you may have breathtaking photos and brilliantly constructed video footage, it will not mean much to the consumer if it doesn’t tell the story you want to impart. What is your primary message and what benefits will guests experience at your hotel that fulfill their reasons for staying there as opposed to choosing one of your competitors? Create the message you want to impart to consumers and the benefits their experience will include when staying at your hotel.

Your overall marketing campaign should include social media as a large component but it should not the only component. Social media avenues should be part of an overall marketing campaign, which includes a variety of strategies and techniques to get your message to your potential visitors.

Describe the experience of staying at your hotel to capitalize on the effects of visitors emotional responses. Then complete the picture with the details and lists of amenities or other facts you feel are important.


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