Companies Are Now Using Video Marketing

Most Companies Are Now Using Video Marketing

By Neil Davidson, Published November 26, 2013

In 2013, REELSEO worked in conjunction with the Web Video Marketing Council and Flimp Media to produce the Online Video Marketing Survey and Business Video Trends Report. The report looks at how businesses are working with video – including the types of videos they are producing, how they are publishing them and how they are distributing them. In this article we are going to share some of the main findings with you.

Overview of the study

There were 600 respondents to the survey, all of which are actively involved in decision-making around marketing in their respective businesses. A highlight of the report is that 93% of marketing professionals are using online video as a marketing tool in 2013. 84% of the respondents have used video as website marketing content and 65% have used YouTube as a marketing tool. A significant 56% have produced a video that featured motion graphics and 68% have produced testimonial videos. Interestingly, 21% claimed to have produced between 12 and 50 videos in 2013.

A majority of the respondents to the survey represent B2B companies (52%). The rest were divided between B2C (23%), marketing agencies (21%) and not-for-profits (4%). 84% of the respondents were with marketing decision-makers, or part of the decision-making team. Of the respondents a massive 82% stated that video marketing has had a positive impact on the work of their business.

Video Marketing Budgets

Buy-in to video marketing is most clearly evidenced in the budgets that businesses allocate to it. When asked about future video marketing budgets, 71% of respondents said that they would be increasing their budgets in 2013. In 2012, 29% of businesses said that they would be decreasing their video marketing budgets, compared to a tiny 1% in 2013. This represents how quickly attitudes towards video marketing are changing.

Barriers to using video marketing

The report explored barriers to using more online video marketing. The cost of video production was cited as the biggest barrier at 32%.

What types of online video are popular?

The report found that a range of types of videos are being produced by those surveyed. The most common were on-location shoots – 73% of respondents said they had made this type of video. 68% said that they had made testimonial or interview style video. Also worth noting here is that most companies are using multiple videos. 13% of respondents said they would make more than 101 videos in 2013.

Why are businesses producing more video than ever before?

The survey offered some possible explanations for the increase video production in the online video marketplace in 2013:

a) Production costs are lower than ever before with the introduction of high quality, HD capable video cameras, and accessible editing software that anyone can use. The survey also points to the improvements in smart phones – many of which are also capable of capturing HD video.
b) Businesses are increasing their spending on video marketing and communications. Also, video is being used in a lot more different ways than ever before (see Deployment below).
Deployment of video

The vast majority of the respondents said that they use online video is a wide variety of ways.

84% – post to the organisation’s own website
65% – post to YouTube
62% – post to social media/networking sites
60% – use video in email marketing/e-newsletters
50% – use video as product/service explainers
49% – video used for sales lead generation
48% – video placed on landing pages
40% – videos used for online advertising
32% – videos used for search marketing
28% – employee communication/training videos
26% – online screen share meetings and webinars

One of the biggest changes compared to 2012 was that more businesses are using video on their websites – embedding them as explainer videos for products and services, with a focus on engagement and conversion rates.
Video in email marketing

The report looks at video in email marketing in quite some depth. As you can see above, 60% of respondents said that they use video in email marketing. Significantly, 60% of the respondents also said that they think that video in email marketing improves conversion rates – viewers are more likely to convert after being exposed to a video. 82% of marketers viewed video email marketing as effective.

Video SEO

70% of the respondents claimed that they have spent time and resources on search engine optimization for video. The top practices for optimizing video for SEO are listed below:

Lower down the list were
– providing video transcripts for videos on the website
– using video content in press releases
– creating video sitemaps for videos posted on the website

Investing in the future of video

The survey asked respondents what forms of paid video advertising they intended to use in 2013. 72% said they would pay for YouTube/Google video advertising. 61% said they would pay for video advertising on social media sites such as Facebook.

It is clear to see that video is becoming a critical element of any intelligent marketing strategy. The report found that 93% of marketers are already using video and another 3% are planning to. That is a vast majority of marketers who are recognizing the importance of video.

You can download the survey for yourself here.

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