Companies Are Boarding the Video Marketing Bandwagon

Hitting the Play Button: Why Companies Are Boarding the Video Marketing Bandwagon and Why You Should, Too

By Belinda Summers, Published October 23, 2013

Remember the first time you saw a YouTube video embedded on a blog page or website? It was probably just a couple of years ago, and it was such refreshing idea coming off of the traditional way wherein you had to click a link and be routed to YouTube just to watch a video.

And now, since YouTube no longer is monopolizing the video streaming industry, all the other video hosting sites started appearing on regular websites. Photos are slowly taking the backseat in terms of giving articles a visual perspective.

But does video marketing really make a difference?

Yes. And here’s the proof:

Videos are pro-SEO. You might have noticed Google’s inclination to display videos (preferably YouTube-hosted) on its search rankings, and there’s good reason for that: people enjoy watching videos. But here’s the catch: you have to make your video super-appealing from start to end. Google’s search algorithm gives priority to the amount of viewing time (seconds, minutes, hours), rather than the number of instances a video was viewed.

Videos are moving photos. The mere obviousness of this fact already makes it a strong point. Say, you want to restore your phone to its factory settings. Would you rather follow a list of steps and look at multiple screenshots? Or a short audio-video of the entire procedure? There’s a difference between being told what to do and seeing how it’s done.

Videos are invading mobile. Your daily dose of marketing statistics will tell you that mobile web is the future of online marketing. Because of the display limitations of phones, the buying public may now resort to watching clips instead of browsing through a jungle of marketing ads and links. The portability of mobile phones coupled with the efficiency of videos is a match made in heaven.

Videos are extremely shareable. Business people usually share videos, not photos, via email. You also see it in newsletters and social network sites, and you can post them even without a complementary article.

Videos reflect esteem. Let’s face it: a blog that contains well-produced videos is more attractive, and it says something about the mother company. It shows that you’re putting extra effort in your marketing and that you’re making it easy for the market to understand and appreciate your value.

Videos generate the numbers. According to, the probability of website visitors to purchase a product after watching a video is 64%. Visitors also tend to stay on a website for an average of 2 minutes longer than those without videos.

The reason why a company should turn to videos is the same reason as why they turn novels into movies – although in marketing, it’s not as complicated as Hollywood. So perhaps you should think about befriending YouTube, or else your site visitors may end up looking for a play button anywhere near a static photo and say, “no video?”

This content originally appeared at Sales and Marketing Solutions.

Belinda Summers works as a Business Development Consultant for CallboxInc. She helps businesses improve and maximize their marketing campaigns by providing expert advice on lead generation and appointment setting. She provides tips and trainings on telemarketing, email, social media, and other marketing strategies…. View full profile


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