Businesses Using Video Marketing

Why Aren’t More Businesses Using Video Marketing?

by Jennifer Alexande

Video primarily has 4 advantages over other types of marketing communications:

1. Video is more convenient

Ask yourself this – Would you rather read 5 pages of text or watch 1 video…? Undoubtedly the majority of people would answer “video” which means your target audience will also answer “video” too. The one trillion videos viewed on YouTube in 2011 are testament to this!

2. Video makes your brand more accessible

Transferring your brand to video can be a challenge; as you’ve now got moving pictures and audio to consider. The right use of voice over, music and editing will give your company personality, and make your brand instantly credible. For example; when we at Matinée Multilingual were scripting our web video we wanted to convey the friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism of our staff.

To convey this “personality” in the brand, we took time choosing the right voice artist and music. The animation was produced in a simple style, using the brand colours, and our video was kept to communicating the key messages only, so the viewer doesn’t get bored.

Before you create your own web video take some time to consider your brand personality, and your message.

3. Video improves your website’s Search Engine Optimization

Video is increasingly important to your search engine ranking. In particular, Google is prioritizing video in its universal search algorithm. So in other words, Google is explicitly looking for video content on your website.

If you have a video on your website, you can easily link it to your YouTube channel where it will gain even more exposure – you benefit from meta tagging your video content on YouTube and linking back to your own website to help improve your site’s page rank. Multilingual has many language pages on our new website and we’ve started to create relevant video content which will definitely improve their ranking.

You should consider how video on the pages of your website.

4. Video easy to share on social media sites

A video is more likely to be shared on social networking sites than a lengthy blog post and you will achieve a larger audience with video as a result. Why? It’s simply more stimulating! For example; we ensured that all video content on our site can be easily shared on social networks, and are fun to watch!

When you are updating video content on your own website, encourage sharing by making it easy for your own audience.

Now, Get Started!

This article points out why companies should implement a video marketing strategy to communicate with their clients. Additionally it discusses how companies should localise their videos to their international markets. Matinée Multilingual can help you do this. See how by visiting our website!

Matinée specialises in the production and translation of audio, video and multimedia content. Matinée transcribes audio and video programmes; creatively translates voice over scripts, graphics and animations; casts and records over 2,000 voice artists in 80+ languages; subtitles all media, in all languages for YouTube, DVD or TV Broadcast and produces affordable web video and animations in any language!

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