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B2B Video Marketing TIPS – Don’t Bury The Lead [Video Example]

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith

From – October 1,

I don’t know this Ecommerce agency, but their video points to a BIG problem with video marketing – it seems easy. Video marketing is far from easy. This video is a classic example for burying the lead. After some loud rock music and four slides in we see they’ve worked on 150 Magento ecom websites.


Instead of the rock music I would start with a quiet single piano followed by this slide sequence:

Slide One: Magento Is The Most Dominant Ecommerce Platform.
Slide Two: Leading Retailers Using Magento Include (pick three in different verticals).
Slide Three: We’ve created 153 Magento Ecommerce sites.
Slide Four: Last Year Our Magento Ecommerce Sites Generated over $100M in Sales.
Slide Five: Like Hearth Surgery The More Magento You Do The Better You Get.
Slide Six: Don’t risk the HEART of your business.
Slide Seven: Call COMPANY NAME at PHONE

I would build the piano into a jazz piece by the end. My proposed sequence tells the Magento Story, creates a “Made To Stick” Analogy for the company’s expertise and is SPECIFIC about exactly how many sites were created and how much money they’ve generated.

Never say things like “We’ve created 150+ Magento sites” because not being specific lowers your legitimacy. Even if by the time your viewer sees the video you will have created 300 Magento sties BE SPECIFIC and update later.

The other problem this video demonstrates is the NO STORY problem. We won’t pay attention to o understand noise. Story creates connection and connection creates understanding. Always tell a story. My sequence tells the Magento story assuming that is the stronger story to tell.

If the firm was a branded firm I would tell the firm’s story, but a low cost possible offshore provider should tell the story of the nearest brand – in this case Magento.

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