Build Your Business Through Video Marketing

4 Ways To Build Your Business Through Video Marketing

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Video marketing benefits your business if you know how to reach your target market. Start with a clear vision of who your ideal customer is to better create compelling content for this audience. Practice shooting frequent videos and grow your email list by posting clear and obvious calls to action in the video itself and in the description field.

Start with Your Target Market in Mind

Create videos with your target market in mind. Nail down exactly who you wish to reach to grow your online business. Think about your ideal client before launching your video marketing campaign. Dwell on the problems, concerns, hopes and dreams of your customers. By finding good matches you save yourself months or even year’s worth of wheel spinning, frustration and failure in the business marketing game. Think through who would want to see your videos. Make sure that each video is targeted to your specific customers. Boost video views and accelerate your business growth.

Practice by Shooting 3 to 5 Videos Weekly

Appearing in front of the camera can help you get over yourself. Defeat the self-conscious issues faced by many video marketers by shooting videos 3 to 5 times weekly. You might look and sound funny during the first 3 or 4 videos you create but with time and patience you can overcome these self conscious, defeatist tendencies to gain supreme confidence and speak a powerful, resonant message. The power of your message increases if you practice speaking loud and clear to folks who need to hear your message. A willing audience follows a calm, confident business person who eloquently states their case. Practice creating videos to sound great and look amazing on camera. Make your positive energy infectious.

Grow Your List through Video Marketing

The money is in the relationships you make with your email list. Grow your email business list by including clear and specific calls to action in your video copy. Post a link to your squeeze page in the description field of your video. Direct viewers to sign up for your email list at least once or twice during the video. Viewers generally follow clear and direct calls to action if you mince no words around your request. Some foolish business people assume viewers will sign up for their email list by googling their business or name. People need to be provided with clear and actionable steps to act upon the information you have provided.

Building a list is critical to your business efforts. Potential customers enjoy the convenience of receiving frequent, valuable updates through their email inbox. Direct future clients to sign up by being firm, definite and painfully obvious in stating what viewers need to do in order to receive your free newsletter.

Go Heavy on the Description

Write a mini blog post to resonate with your target audience and place better in search engines. Mini blog post sized video descriptions alert viewers to the content being presented. Explain in great detail the topic being covered to draw in more business leads and expand your opportunity through video marketing.

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