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The Next Best Thing to Hit Real Estate: Video Marketing

We’re all familiar with estate agency advertising: the newspaper sections, the ‘just sold’ picket sign, and of course, the American-inspired giant billboard. In the past few years we’ve also seen plenty of companies really making the most of their social media presence, but that’s been about as far as most businesses have gone in terms of utilising new technology. That might all be about to change, though: video marketing is set to become the next big thing in real estate marketing.

Video marketing is one of the most important tools that a company’s public relations team has at their disposal. Videos have been proven to have a fantastic impact on the search engine optimisation statistics of the site, as well as helping to capture and retain the attention of potential customers and prospective buyers.

As everything is set out so plainly and things are so easy for customers to see, some may wonder why video marketing isn’t something that’s employed by all real estate companies. There are plenty of reasons why this area has been somewhat neglected, but one of the most compelling reasons must be that putting a promotional video together is often a lot harder than it looks and those without the necessary experience aren’t likely to get things right first time around.

This is where hopes to make a difference. The company has recently released a video marketing platform that is specifically targeted at estate agents and can present any market data, statistics and other complex information in an clear, comprehensive video that the agent can then brand and customise. As the site is also mobile and email compatible, agents can produce videos and upload them to YouTube on the go without having to learn how to produce and put together these videos by themselves.

Stephen Schweickart from says, ‘We created MarketVideos for agents after our broker product had rave reviews from the agents themselves. Since video marketing still has a curve, MarketVideos makes it easy for the busy agent to have an affordable, unique, content-packed video marketing solution, that is customizable, and has strong lead capture.’

As day-to-day life becomes increasingly dependent on technology, it seems that the provision for real estate companies to produce these marketing videos couldn’t have come at a better time. Since the decision on whether or not a property is right for you often comes down to layout and atmosphere, the closer a video can come to expressing this properly, the easier it will be for clients to decide which houses they want to investigate with a view to making an investment.

As international experts in the sale and leasehold of premium residential property, commercial real estate and yachts, Engel & Vӧlkers are well placed to take full advantage of all these exciting new developments. With a strong YouTube presence already, you can search online to see videos of events, awards ceremonies and much more, and visit their website for even more information at

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