Benefits of Video Marketing for Sales

7 Great Benefits of Video Marketing for Sales and Lead Generation [Infographic]

November 13th, 2013, Author: Jenn O’Meara, Categories:

Maybe you’ve seen the recently published Q4 2013 Online Video Marketing Survey and Trends Report but you haven’t had the time to dig into the report. If that is the case, here are 7 key takeaways to why web video marketing and business video marketing should be part of your 360 degree marketing-communications strategy going into 2014:

Video content quickly engage audiences.
Regardless of a business or nonprofit vertical, organizations can use video communications to interact with prospects and customers in a myriad of ways – you have choice!
Business video productions can be created without committing to “Hollywood”-sized budgets – again, you have many choices in regards to video styles and video budgets.
Leverage the combined power of audio and video to explain things faster and / or show how a product / service can be used.
There is a high-positive correlation between corporate video communications and increased sales and lead generation.
While Video will ultimately consume 90 percent of the digital marketing content pie, it is simple to incorporate into today’s marketing mix.
Unlike static email messages, video email and video communications are truly interactive, engaging and leads to ongoing interaction.

For more in-depth reasons, READ THE REPORT.

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