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Audio visual has long been the most effective communications tool. The IPA Long and Short research shows that the advertising that has the greatest impact on business effects include audio visual. This generally means TV.

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There isn’t much research that shows the true impact of online video on long term business effects – it is too soon. Long term business effects are over 1-3 years. Online measurement doesn’t operate like that. In fact a study by Brightroll in the US in February of this year said that the most common success metric for online video is completed views.

This is madness- a campaign is successful because the ad was seen – as an industry we have a long way to go but we will get there when we have had the time for the true sales impact to be seen. As the user has actively chosen to watch the content and the targeting available online is unparalleled I would predict it has the potential to have an even greater impact than TV.

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Research from Google shows the importance of video in the inspiration stage of travel decisions. This means it is something Tourist boards should be investing in if they are not already. It is within their remit to inspire people to visit their destination, and with 65% of leisure travellers turning to video when thinking about taking a trip and 61% doing so when choosing a destination it is a key asset to have. From our experience of working with tourist boards and travel companies there is a severe lack of good quality video assets. The travel industry has the best opportunity to create this content – it is selling experiences.

It is time for travel marketers to invest in this format – take a little out of the media budget to do it- it will be worth it because your media budget will work so much harder for you.

From a digital marketing point of view video content also opens up a whole host of advertising opportunities. Programmatic video is in full swing and it is predicted that by 2017 72% of US digital video will be bought programmatically. This is great news for the travel industry as it means the videos can be placed in front of the 61% who are in their research phase for inspiration. But it can do so much more than that and the power of video is also to trigger that process based on prospecting to new potential customers and build your business growth for years to come.

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Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Punta Mita, Sayulita, Nuevo Vallarta, San Pancho
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