Are businesses scared of video marketing

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Why are businesses scared of video marketing?

Posted by Teressa Foglia on Nov 26, 2013

Recently I was working with a client on their digital marketing strategy. When reviewing the strategy, he stopped me right away when he saw, “Video Marketing using Instagram, YouTube, and Vimeo for business.” He couldn’t be bothered with something that “didn’t prove results.” While text content and static images provide great social media results, a huge opportunity is being missed by not utilizing video for social media success.

Video marketing for your business is all about giving your consumer an experience. There is a living aspect of your brand in video marketing. Let me go over the facts for why video marketing is great for your brand:

A recent survey showed that Bing and also give superiority to videos.
Video marketing have a higher conversation rate than text or photo marketing.
How does Yahoo also give superiority to videos.

All great video marketing strategies start with a plan. Integrity Media Corp can work with your business as your video marketing expert. Integrity Media Corp in Orange Couny, CA creates high definition videos targeted to a niche based on the clients requirements. We are the best video marketing company in Orange County, CA.

Successful planning can lead to only one thing: successful video marketing driving more traffic to your website, resulting in more leads and sales.

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